of your property in Courchevel

HOME COURCHEVEL is a property agent which has been accorded the professional qualification of the Prefecture of Savoie.
The agency holds a financial protection guarantee of €940,000.
To assure the best management of your affairs the agency is subject to professional audits. The personnel are suitably qualified.

The agency can make propositions based on seasonal or weekly occupancy.
We undertake to manage your account :
- To ensure the rental of your property through various means of publicite (the Home Courchevel site, dedicated magazines, internet, client file, promotions abroad, and amongst the professional outlets in the resort)
- To ensure reservations paying attention to detailled propositions, signatures to contract et account collection, deposit payments…
- To ensure that your apartment is prpared for the season, undertaking a deep clean at the beginning and at the end of the season by our teams of professionals, assessment of the upkeep and technical verification, inventory.
- To ensure the welcome of clients and the comfort of their stay.
- To ensure the submission of accounts in January, March and June.
- To keep you informed of whatever occurs at your property
- To advise you in order to optimise the rental of your property and to communicate to you the actual state of the market, and the current market value of the property.
- To advise and assist you in the renovation of your property.
- Be confident that HOME COURCHEVEL will undertake a not negligible effort on your behalf and we assure you of 20 years rental and management expertise in property management.